Year	Country	Label			 Catalogue	Cover	Inner type	Inner colour	Label design	Publishing	Rights	  Matrices

1988	US	Bar/None / Restless	 7 72600-1	US	Sleeve/Insert	Light green	US		TMBG Music	ASCAP	  72600-1-A/B

Other:	Most copies have inner sleeves; a minority have inserts. Deadwax writing:  A: "I DON'T WANT THE WORLD" B: "I JUST WANT YOUR HALF"

1988	CA	Enigma			 D1-72600	US	Sleeve		Light green	Company stock	TMBG Music 	ASCAP	  D1-72600-1/2

Other:	Uses imported US cover and inner sleeve. Label lists "Kiss M, Son Of God".

1989	UK	One Little Indian	 TPLP 12	Alt	Sleeve		Light green	US-variant	Warner Chappell		  TPLP 12 A1/B1

Other:	OLI handled distribution to all other European labels; this is likely how the alternate photo propogated. Inner sleeve still has US catalogue number.

1989	DE	Rough Trade		 RTD 98		Alt	Sleeve		Light green	US-variant	Warner Chappell	GEMA	  RTD 98 A/B

Other:	The test pressing of this came with a photocopied lyric sheet featuring an exclusive layout on A3 paper.

1989	ES	Grabaciones Accidentales GA-305		Alt	Insert		Light green	US-variant	Warner Chappell		  GA-305 A/B

Other:	Uses a shrunken, debranded version of US label, with GASA info added.

1989	IT	Green Line		 GRP 3311	Alt	Sleeve		Red		Company stock	Warner Chappell	SIAE	  GRP 3311 A/B

Other:	Not only do the labels have too many different glaring problems to list here, but the whole album plays slightly fast.

1989	SE	Sonet			 SLP-3149	Alt	Sleeve		Black		Company stock	Warner Chappell	BIEM	  SLP-3149-A/B

Other:	OLI sent Sonet the print version of the artwork, so Sonet had to change the back cover themselves. Label says "Manufactured under licens".

1989	FR	Vogue			 506207		Alt	Sleeve		Light green	US-variant			SACEM	  89 3 506207 A/B

Other:	Pressed on lightweight vinyl.  Vogue seems to have obtained the rights through GASA, as the sleeve bears the GASA logos and mentions "Licensed through GASA RECORDS".

1989	AU	Liberation		 LIB 5171	US	Insert		Light green	Company stock	Control			  LIB 5171 A/B

Other:	Only other country known that used the US version of the cover photo.

1991	EU	Elektra / WEA		 EKT 89		Alt	none		none		Company stock	Warner Chappell	GEMA/BIEM 755 961145-1-A/B

Other:  Back cover is modified to compensate for the lack of an insert or printed inner sleeve.

1991	EU	WEA			 9031-74502-1	Alt	none		none		Company stock	Warner Chappell	GEMA/BIEM 755 961145-1-A/B

Other:  Presumably exists due to WEA rebranding in 1991. Uses the same stampers as the previous Elektra/WEA release. Back cover has the same modifications.